2320-2330_S_ST_NW__ext2320-2330 S St., NW

Washington, DC 20009

10 bedrooms | 8.6 baths

26,900 square feet

List price | $22,000,000

Sold price | $19,000,00  (CASH!!)

The largest sale in May was two adjacent buildings and a chauffeurs residence located on a 34,000 square foot lot in the heart of the Kalorama neighborhood. The buildings, which once housed the Textile Museum, have many original architectural details, extensive gardens and amazing views. Click here for more photos of the gardens.

**I’m curious to see what happens to this property.  Due to the zoning, it can only be converted into a school, embassy or a home.  Can you imagine if someone restores it into a home?  It would be incredible.  It would also cost a small fortune!**

listing courtesy of Sylvia Bergstrom, Coldwell Banker

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modern-moblerIn between appointments on Sunday, I drove to Kensington, MD and went to Modern Mobler.  What’s Modern Mobler?  A vintage furniture store that “specializes in Mid-Century Modern and Danish Modern furnishings..all [the] pieces are vintage, primarily from the 1950’s-1970’s.”

Why to did I drive to the Kensington store when they have a location at 7313 Georgia Ave NW? The Kensington store had a Plycraft Eames style lounger that caught my eye. I wanted to test the chair’s comfort factor and decide if it was going to be the latest addition to my living room.


I’ve wanted to check out Modern Mobler for months but finding time for a visit with the Spring buying/selling season wasn’t in the cards. When I arrived, I found a charming store, chock full of beautiful furniture. Their inventory is impressive. If my house wasn’t already fully furnished, there were several pieces I would’ve taken home. If you’re looking for unique items for your home, Modern Mobler should be on your shopping list.

cabinetThe best part?  The chair!!  It’s exactly what I wanted and I bought it! Even though it’s in excellent shape, I intend to reupholster it.  I don’t do beige or nubby fabric.  Nonetheless, it’s fantastic and I can’t wait to enjoy the “improved” version.



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attic logo

Have you heard of Attic?  It’s a new website that puts together inventory from over 30 “vintage, antique, restored and artisan furniture” stores in the DC area.  I’ve been using the site daily since it launched a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for a chair for my living room.  I wanted a Selig Egg Chair or a Eames Style Lounger but I don’t have time for daily stops at Miss Pixie’s, Modern Mobler or Simon’s Vintage.  Attic let me check out new inventory from those stores plus many others.  It’s genius!

Speaking of which..I found a chair!  More on that tomorrow.

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hood-happenings-junephotos and links via: Urban Turf, CJDC, WBJ, Urban Turf   

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fathersdaygiftguide15Can you believe Father’s Day is this weekend?  Where has June gone?  If you’re like me, you’re wracking your brains to come up with a gift for your Dad.  My Dad is tough because he buys everything he wants and he never “wants” anything.  Coming up with something he’d like is tricky but this year I have a couple of good ideas.

1. Hot Stuff Taster  $65.00  My Dad LOVES anything spicy.  While spicy food doesn’t agree with him, he doesn’t let that deter him.

2. Retro Radio $71.00  Every morning, my Dad listens to NPR on the radio.  I love this cute retro radio and it will look good on the counter.

3. Freshie’s Margarita Mix $7.99  Frozen drinks are a must at the beach house.  Lately, my Dad’s been on a Margarita kick and Freshie’s is the best mix out there.

4. Oggie Stainless Steel Double Walled Tumbler $14.99  If you’re drinking frozen margaritas at the beach, you want to keep your drink cold (and hidden!).

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provision 14While Provision no. 14 has one of the prettiest interiors I’ve seen in DC, the food and service is a work in progress.  The restaurant has been open a month and a half.  With any new restaurant, there’s a period of adjustment. I’m hoping the food/service issues are opening jitters and all will be resolved in the near future.

I’m pretty sure our server was brand new. She was lovely but my husband was not happy with his experience.  First, he wanted an Old Fashion with rye.  Provision has an extensive cocktail list but he likes a classic drink.  When he asked her what ryes they had, she didn’t know.  Nor was there a list of ryes available.  (Note to new restaurants: please have a list of spirits or train servers to be able to tell us what you have).  Then she arrived at the table with a Manhattan.  He sent it back. Once the correct cocktail arrived, his classic old fashion was delicious.

Provision serves small plates with a selection of larger entrees to be shared.  My husband ordered the pork belly, himachi tartare and the rigatoni with fresh ground veal sausage.  I ordered the catch of the day, which was dorado and the brussel sprouts.  The pork belly, tartare and brussel sprouts were the first dishes to arrive.  Everything had great flavor but was overly salted.  My husband also wasn’t happy with the pork belly.  It was mushy.


At this point, the manager stopped by the table and asked how our first dishes tasted.  We said fine and then added “salty”.  He immediately went back to the kitchen for a taste check.  When he came back, he explained there were new people on the line. They pulled the himachi for the evening due to the salt content and took ours off our bill.

Then my husband’s rigatoni arrived and he inhaled it.  He also ordered another Old Fashion and the wrong drink arrived.  It was the signature Redenbacher Old Fashion not a classic Old Fashion.  I’m sure you can imagine his reaction but he drank it.  He even said it was good after the ice melted a bit.  (See earlier statement about classic cocktails).

While he ate his pasta, the fish arrived.  It’s a whole fish and the presentation is beautiful. When it was delivered to the table, we realized we were going to have to serve ourselves. Luckily, my husband knows how to debone a fish.  Then our server came by and offered to do it for us.  We accepted because doing it yourself is great but messy.  She called over another server to show her how it’s done.  They started deboning and discovered the fish was undercooked.  It went back to the kitchen.  Shortly thereafter, it came back to the table. My husband was not pleased because they threw it back on the grill instead of delivering a new fish.  We deboned it again and began to eat.  It was the best dish we ate all night. Definitely order the catch of the day!

After we ate, another manager stopped by the table to see how we enjoyed our meal.  My husband explained the fish fiasco.  The manager apologized and gave us a dessert on the house.  My husband ordered the bread pudding and loved it.

As you tell, our experience was all over the place. The managers were attentive and conciliatory. Certain dishes were fantastic but aspects need work. I’m going to give it another month before I visit again. I’m hopeful the kinks will be worked out.  If not, it’s certainly a great place to meet for delicious cocktails!


top photo via provision website.  food photos me.

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the pop up controversy

1013_V_St_NW__75333_067On Monday evening, the DC Zoning Commission voted to restrict pop-ups.  What’s a pop up?  It’s when a developer adds a couple of stories to a house when redeveloping it. The photo above is a perfect example.

What’s interesting (and horrifying) is the Zoning Commission decided to back date this decision to July 14, 2014.  This decision is already causing a ruckus and an uproar in the real estate community.  The new rules restrict the approved height to 35 feet.  So what do you do if you’re a developer, you’re project was approved after July 14, 2014 and you’re already building a condo building over 35 feet high?

What do you think?  Was the commission justified in making this decision?  Did they think about the impact it would have on current developers and the real estate industry in general?  I can’t wait to see how this shakes out.


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modern + classic livingroom

After dithering for weeks about what sort of couch to order, I decided yesterday and it’s in motion!  Wahoo!  Slowly (really slowly) but surely, this living room is coming together. When it’s done, I hope it has the vibe of the room above.  This mix of modern + classic is what inspired the new living room furniture.  Now I need to find a chair for me, some new lighting and art.  Then BOOM..living room done.

image from sfgirlinthebay via elle decororation uk

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novel novels


After a long stretch of sub par books, I read two fantastic books this week.  I love a good page turner and both The Bone Tree and The Bullet delivered.

The Bone Tree is the fifth book in the Penn Cage series by Greg Iles.  All of the novels are excellent. If you’re looking for a series to keep you occupied this summer, I recommend reading them.  They’re set in the South and there’s history, intrigue, murder and mayhem. I was thoroughly engrossed.

What if you discovered there’s a whole chapter of your life you don’t remember?  That’s the premise of The Bullet. The protagonist has a lingering health issue and when she goes to the doctor, she discovers there’s a bullet in the base of her skull.  Fascinating, right? It gets better and while it’s not remotely realistic, it’s highly entertaining.  I whipped through it in one evening.

What are you reading?

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March was my eight year anniversary of living on U St. Corridor.  While the landscape has changed, the vibe has not.  Here are my 8 favorite things about my ‘hood.

9-30 club1. The 9:30 Club.  It’s one of the best music venues in the city and it’s literally across the street.  I love that I can wander over there on a random Tuesday and hear something spectacular.

farmers market fruit2.  The farmer’s market on Saturday’s May-November.  I haven’t been able to go this year because of work and I’m not a happy camper.  I love the rows of seasonal fruit and vegetables, the bakery stand and the Amish farmers pedaling their organic pork and beef.

u-st-metro-stop3. The Metro is a two block walk. I rarely ride the Metro but when I do, I’m glad I don’t have to schlep twenty minutes to a stop.

2120 Verm rooftop 4124. The roof top deck of my building.  It’s stunning and I love sitting up there with a book and a glass of wine.

u st rest gif5. The multiple bars and restaurants in the ‘hood.  I can walk in any direction and there’s great options.  The best part-new places open constantly!yes market

6. While most of DC is obsessed with the Trader Joe’s down the street, I love Yes! Organic.  I run in, grab whatever stuff I need and run out.  gallagher-and-graham7. Gallagher and Graham is a locally owned spirits shop that sells beer, wine and alcohol.  What else do you need?

8.  The Lot at Atlantic Plumbing.  While I know this won’t be around forever (it’s where the new Whole Foods will be built), it’s fun to wander over and check out the events. The video above is from a couple of weeks ago when they had karaoke. While this lady was wonderful, the people who followed were not.  Life on U St.!

What do you love about your neighborhood?



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aperol spritzEvery summer, I pick a new cocktail to enjoy.  My choice for 2015 is the Aperol Spritz. What’s Aperol? It’s an Italian aperitif that’s citrusy and slightly bitter.  While I love citrus, the bitter is an acquired taste.  The other ingredients are prosecco and soda water.  It’s light and refreshing..perfect for 90 degree days!

The Aperol Spritz

3 parts prosecco

2 parts aperol

1 part soda water

garnish with an orange slice

*Spritz pictured is from Ghebellina.

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