Dupont Circle

Now the neighborhood is home to over 20,000 residents from all around the world.

Welcome to Dupont Circle

The international and artistic center point of Washington, D.C.
This lovely, walkable neighborhood sits right in the middle of NW DC. The Dupont Historical District was established in 1978. However, the neighborhood’s history stretches back much further. In 1871 work on Pacific Circle had begun. Later, a statue of Samuel Francis Dupont was placed atop the circle, but this was swapped out in 1921 for a double-tiered fountain with depictions of three figures representing the wind, the sea, and the stars. Commercial and residential buildings began to crop up in all directions of the Dupont Circle. Now the neighborhood is home to over 20,000 residents from all around the world. For those interested in learning more about the Washington, D.C. area, local museums like the Heurich House Museum can offer a guided step back into a bygone era in American history.
With this blend comes a variety of artistic talents and tastes. Examples of this melding of different artistic expressions and talents can be found all throughout Dupont Circle, from the neighborhood’s globally inspired cuisines to sites such as Dupont Underground and The Phillips Collection, where these expressions are impossible to miss.

What to Love

  • A wide variety of delicious cuisine from around the globe
  • A year round Farmers Market.
  • Fun festivals
  • Lovely architecture 

Local Lifestyle 

Whether you’re looking to refuel and enjoy yourself at one of the neighborhood’s lovely restaurants such as Al Tiramisu or Kramers or forging memories with your community during the many year-round events held by the Dupont Festival, Dupont Circle has something for everyone.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Even the most brilliant and influential minds need a pit stop. Dupont Circle has that more than covered as well. First up, there’s Al Tiramisu, where all who step foot within Dupont Circle’s boundaries can enjoy some of the best Italian cuisines in the world. Then there's Kramer's restaurant and bookstore, where you’re welcome to kick back, grab a novel, and enjoy a glass of your favorite wine. Next, Mí Casa lets you feel right at home with a variety of Mexican and TexMex cuisines. Lastly, on our shortlist of the many restaurants throughout Dupont Circle, Pizzeria Paradiso consistently offers the best pies in D.C.

Things to Do

There’s never a dull moment in Dupont Circle. Whether you’re experiencing the many artistic creations found throughout The Phillips Collection and Dupont Underground, expanding your mind at the National Geographic Museum, or simply browsing at Secondi, you’re sure to find entertainment no matter where your feet take you.

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