Back to Reality

Back to Reality

  • Jen Angotti
  • 10/29/15

Yesterday, I wrote the post below. I was frustrated and mad after a series of mishaps.

Today I had a reality check. When I first moved to DC, I worked at the Diner on 18th St. I met amazing people while I worked there and keep in touch with a bunch of them. I found out a half-hour ago, the husband of one of my Diner buddies passed away last week. So crappy little problems are insignificant in the scheme of things. Especially when a little sunshine fixed most of my angst. It made me realize life is good and I should be grateful even when the minor things get me down

After a fantastic weekend away, the return to real life has been brutal.

My printer broke in the middle of printing a listing presentation. My computer is acting like an a&^*%le. Several of my deals have major problems. My head hurts because it won’t stop raining. Nobody wants to dress up for Halloween. I am seriously cranky pants.

None of these are *major* problems. They’re minor annoyances that make me crazy. I’m trying to find the positive but it’s difficult. What do you do when life is going less than stellar? I’m thinking a massage is in order, stat.

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