Cool Covers

  • Jen Angotti
  • 04/19/12
My Kindle broke yesterday and it sent me into a full-fledged panic. Although I always have books in my vicinity, I've been lax about it since I also had a Kindle. With my Kindle, I didn't have to worry about being without a book because I could always download or re-read one in seconds. Without a book is like forgetting to brush my hair. I never, ever am without a book just like I always brush my hair. So I'm a little distressed. Especially since I was re-reading a Sookie Stackhouse novel which is where I go when I need a happy place. This week has been lousy. On a more positive note, Amazon is replacing my Kindle with a new one at a reduced price (yahoo!). Since it's a 3rd generation vs. my 2nd generation, I need a new cover. Which led to some happy browsing and the discovery of a few stylish options. Can you figure out which one I purchased?
1. Dodo case $65, 2. DVF-$39 3. Etsy $32 4. Etsy $34

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