Cool It

  • 05/28/14
Ladies and gentlemen the new fan has arrived! For once, I didn't dilly dally on a house project. Temperatures in DC are increasing by the day and I'm officially done with being over heated. I picked the Embrace fan and ordered it through ylighting3 days later, it arrived at the house. While I loved the name of the "ball hugger" (tee hee), it wasn't exactly right. This was the first time I'd purchased a ceiling fan and the choices were overwhelming. Did I want 42" blades or 52" blades? Did I want a light? Did I want a remote control? Sheesh. The Embrace included a light, 2 different fan blade sizes and a remote. Bingo it was the fan for me.
My immediate impression: it's the best. It's quiet. It's produces a lot of air. We have an overhead light! The install is not as ugly as I feared. Wahoo! Best house purchase in forever.

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