Day Dreaming | White Kitchens

Day Dreaming | White Kitchens

  • Jen Angotti
  • 11/20/13

Earlier this year, I contemplated changing the kitchen to grey and white. I fooled around with photoshop and seriously considered making the switch. In the end, I didn't pull the trigger. Now I'm day dreaming about a white kitchen. Why the change of heart? The look I loved in the grey and white kitchens would require replacing my black and grey granite counter tops. I'm not sure I want to invest the money in this condo. (always remember there's a return on your investment when you're updating/renovating your home. will it ultimately be worth it? that's always in the back of my mind). However, a black and white kitchen is always classic. Although I'm still drawn to the white on white look, I'm not opposed to black and white. What do you think?

Photo left to right clockwise: house to home, design sponge, design sponge,

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