• Jen Angotti
  • 02/4/11
I've been preoccupied this week and it shows in my lack of posts. Sorry folks..my Dad had surgery on Wednesday and it was major. He's fine but he's still in the hospital. Everything that's happening is "normal" according to the doctors but it feels abnormal to me. Seeing someone you love in a lot of pain seems unnecessary. Especially when there's a lot of good pharmaceuticals out there. But I digress.

Meanwhile, all hell has broken loose (in a good way!) on the real estate front. Typically, the real estate season kicks off AFTER Super Bowl weekend. Except this year, it's starting this weekend. YEA! I have a bevy of buyers and listing appts. You'll be seeing those soon (I hope).

A few articles that caught my eye this week: 

The Post has a great article about selling your house: "Trying to sell your home? Take the theatrical approach."

Urban Turf posted about changes Obama wants to make to mortgages: "Obama Administration Poised to Propose Mortgage Changes."

RisMedia talks about the top 5 home improvement projects and the return on your investment. I thought this was fascinating: Top 5 Home Improvement Projects Based on Average Cost and Return on Investment."

Last but not least, a fab, fun post of some gorgeous decor from Coco+Kelly: "February Light."

image via Elle Decor


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