Fall Obsession: Cinnamon Gelato

Fall Obsession: Cinnamon Gelato

  • Jen Angotti
  • 11/16/11

Last night I went to Pearl Dive for dinner (it was delicious!) and had a delightful dessert: an apple "pie" for two with cinnamon gelato. It was too dark to take a photo but let me tell you: it was divine. It came in a small iron pan, it was baked to order, the sugar was caramelized around the edges and it had cinnamon gelato.

For some reason, I've never sampled cinnamon gelato until I had a similar apple dessert in the Bahamas. Now I'm obsessed because it is amazing. I found a post from Pinch My Salt that details how to make it at home. Good thing I don't ice cream make (and no, hat's not a hint that I want one. Like I need an ice cream maker in my house. Sheesh.)

*photo via Pinch My Salt

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