Have You Heard of Havenly?

  • Jen Angotti
  • 03/16/16
Image from Havenly portfolio
One of my favorite parts of being a real estate agent is looking at how people decorate their spaces. Recently, the ladies of Havenly reached out to see if I’d heard about their platform. While I’d seen it floating around the internet, I hadn’t taken a hard look at how it operated. When I did, it sounded like something my clients would utilize.
So what is it?  Havenly offers online interior design services and rooms start at $199. I looked at their portfolio and I was impressed. They’re creating beautiful, interesting rooms from online sources only.  It’s kind of genius especially for those that hate shopping in real time.
While I haven’t worked with them personally (unfortunately all my rooms are fully designed), I’ll be sharing their information with my clients.

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