New Living Room Furniture!!

  • Jen Angotti
  • 09/8/15
After months of plotting and planning, the new living room furniture is here!  Squeeeee!
While I wish I could take credit for all this loveliness, I can’t.  I had an interior designer help.  Sometimes you have to admit your weaknesses.  I’m really good at furniture (I found the chair and the couch) but not so good at rugs and art.  I had been contemplating updating the living room for years but was paralyzed to choose a rug.  There’s a million choices and they’re expensive!  Through Emily Henderson’s blog, I started following her former co-worker Orlando Soria.  He works with Homepolish and the rooms he designed were spectacular.  Intrigued, I found Homepolish offers their services in DC and I signed up.  My designer was Lauren and she found my incredible rug, those beautiful lamps, pillows and the art.  It’s everything I imagined and very, very me. I wanted something colorful but comfortable, a mix of classic and modern.  I think she nailed it!

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