Plants Are the New Home Accessory

Plants Are the New Home Accessory

  • Jen Angotti
  • 05/29/14
Have you noticed that plants are popping up in all the cool interior design publications? I'm constantly seeing fiddle leaf fig tree, ferns and rubber plants. I've wanted plants in our home for years but a black thumb and a curious cat were a fatal combination. My kitty passed away a year ago and I decided it was time to overcome my black thumb. This time I started with something easy (and trendy natch): succulents.

Two weeks ago at the farmers market, I picked up 3 succulent plants. I bought soil and planters then replanted them. Succulents are hardy plants and good for beginners. 
I did some research and found some tips on keeping succulents alive:
1. Succulents love indirect light and bright sunny rooms.
2. Succulents should be watered once a week until the soil is wet to the touch. (Do not over water!)
3. Succulents need to be planted in soil not rocks or sand. (I purchased Espoma Organic Cactus Soil. I'm sure there are other, cheaper versions of soil you can buy but this is what I found. So far, so good).
4. Succulents need air and circulation so their roots won't rot. Make sure your containers have drainaige holes. Mine didn't and I had to "make" some by nailing a few holes in the bottom of the pots I purchased. I picked these pots because they were cute, cheap and white. Fingers crossed they'll work out!

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