Real Estate Round Up

  • Jen Angotti
  • 08/4/11
Update on the mandatory 20% down debate via Urban Turf. Hoping ardently that this bill doesn't pass. I can't imagine what it will do to the real estate industry. As it is, buyers are often frustrated by the loan current loan process. The stories I could tell!
Real estate apps that deliver by The Washington Post. For all of you addicted to your iPhone and Android.
Singles dive into the real estate market from It's good to have your own assets.
Sorting through lending fees from the NY Times. This is why a GFE (good faith estimate) is important. Once you have one, ask questions. Know what fees your lender charges.
DC Council fixes foreclosure law. As I mentioned in the last Real Estate Round-Up, two of the largest title insurers in the US had decided to stop insuring foreclosures in DC due to foreclosure legislation. Thankfully, DC Council realized what a huge problem this would be for the DC housing market and revised the legislation. Whew.

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