Right About Now

  • Jen Angotti
  • 11/16/12
I wish I was sitting in a boulangerie and having a coffee and a little bag of chouquettes. What are chouquettes? Delightful little balls of dough with big chunks of raw sugar. Can we all say "yum?".
Instead I've been running around doing nonsense. I'm prepping for Thanksgiving which is very exciting. For the first time, I'm hosting. Yep.. my parents are coming to DC next week for the big extravaganza and I can't wait. My brother is spending the holiday with his wife's family so it's the four of us plus my aunt and uncle. I have plans. Lots and lots of plans. Entertaining is so fun.
I've also been catching up on work. One deal is threatening to blow up. I'm in the midst of a home inspection negotiation, prepping for a closing at the end of the month and brain storming with my graphic designer about holiday cards. Exciting stuff!
Meanwhile, I'm still day dreaming about those chouquettes.

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