Sofa Search

Sofa Search

  • Jen Angotti
  • 02/13/14


My brother is on the hunt for a new sofa. 

His current couch isn't as comfortable as he'd like and it's wearing quickly. He lives at the beach and has a dog that drools when she gets anxious. The couch needs to be indestructible. Comfortable and indestructible is a hard combo to find. Since I'm a class A lounger, I suggested he look for something with down filled cushions with a foam core. Our couch has this type of cushions and I'll never buy anything else. It's perfect for reading, napping and TV watching. After running around town and sitting on sofas for him, these are my top 3 choices for his price range of $1300-$2000. 

The Dunham sofa from West Elm for $1549 (currently on sale for $1316.00). 

The Klyne II sofa from Crate & Barrel for $1499.00.

The Jasper sofa from Room & Board for $1299.

The Klyne II will need some time to break in because the cushions are a synthetic ticking vs. down. Although I wasn't 100% on board with it, it was pretty comfortable. Ditto for the Jasper sofa although it has down ticking. I also encouraged him to shop in the local Charleston, SC furniture stores, but so far no luck.


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