• Jen Angotti
  • 05/16/13

Some years I kick ass at the present thing and some years I suck. This year, I dropped the ball on my parent's 45th Anniversary. I knew it was coming but I didn't do my normal prep. I didn't sneak into the piles of photos and create something awesome. I didn't plan my usual big to-do. I did buy them a pretty cool present but it's arriving in June. I consider that a fail. I was racking my brain for something to do when I thought of the perfect gift.

Flush Mount Beach

My parent's beach house is cute as pie. Painted in sea glass colors, it's colorful and comfortable. However, there were remnants from the previous owners who had dubious taste. It was definitely not my parent's thing. (Remember the chandelier I re-did a couple of years ago? How could anyone consider that attractive? It's cute now..but really?!) While my parents have remedied most of it with new paint, a re-tiled kitchen, and new furniture, there were still a few eyesores. Like the bathroom lights. They were hideous and my parents hated them. At any rate, they never replaced them. There's a million things a beach house needs and replacing the light fixtures just because they're ugly wasn't high on the list. For years they've had these awful light fixtures that didn't fit with the rest of the aesthetic. So I replaced them. Happy Anniversary!

Per usual, I started the project before I thought about documenting anything for the blog. My photos are bad iphone photos and I completely forgot to take before and afters of the master bathroom lights. Dur.

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