Things to Do | Degas/Cassat and Wyeth Exhibits at the National Gallery of Art

  • Jen Angotti
  • 09/29/14
Lately I’ve felt like I’m not taking advantage of the cool stuff that’s happening in DC. I get stuck in my little corner on U St., I obsess about work and keep doing the same thing, every day. It frustrates me. I become grumpy and dissatisfied. When this occurs, I immediately plan a jaunt to the museums. Art and the immediate availability of art in DC always lifts my mood.
I’d been wanting to see the Degas/Cassat exhibit for months. The Impressionists are always an interesting topic and the show is closing Oct. 5th, 2014 (go this week!!). I knew nothing about Cassat and I’d only seen Degas’s sculptures before this exhibit. It was interesting to see the connection between the two artists and how they inspired each other.
The Wyeth show blew my mind. I didn’t realize it was running (till Nov. 30th, 2014) but it was literally next to the Degas/Cassat exhibit. I stepped into the exhibit and was happily occupied by it’s beauty. Don’t miss this one. it’s stunning.
images via national gallery of art website.

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