Too Blue?

Too Blue?

  • Jen Angotti
  • 07/22/13

One thing I realized about my new neutral condo: my eyes are freaking out because there's no color anywhere! The blue kitchen was a statement. My rust couch was another one. Somehow, it all worked together. However, over the last year, I've gradually transitioned to a more neutral palette. Which I like. Except I miss my color. Now, when I look around our living space, I don't feel like it's really me anymore. As one of my friends recently stated: hello! if it's your place, there's color.

I didn't realize repainting the condo would lead to a shopping frenzy but it looks like it's going in that direction. I've been obsessively reading my design blogs and I've found my eye drawn again and again to rooms with crazy blue rugs. All designed by Emily Henderson. (If you don't read her blog..start. It's hilarious and I love, love, love what she does). Both of these rooms are her work. Notice the color of the walls and how she accessorizes with colorful art and furniture. Striking, right? But is it too much or just right?

Rachnas House

*photos via Emily Henderson's blog

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